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I used BluSkills to ensure I arrived at Leeds Brandford Airport, safely and on time. This brilliant bunch specialise in security chauffeurs, residential security guidance and close protection to keep you on track and safe.

Set up by Richard Christian in 2014, BluSkills ensures you receive the very best service with your safety at the very heart. He believes the principles of close protection can be applied to your lifestyle to ensure a low profile first class security service.

Trained Chauffeurs

BluSkills’ security chauffeurs are not your average drivers! They combine their chauffeur service with the principles of close protection. They have been intensively trained with advanced driving techniques along with location and route planned to ensure you get from A to B – sounds quite James Bond!

the harrogate girl bluskills security

Take the stress out of your journey

In the early hours of Wednesday morning BluSkills arrive on time to pick us up for our Greek adventure. Having been in contact with Richard regularly, I felt at easy and panic free about our journey to the airport. After helping us with our bags we were off. However, at first Richard took a slightly odd route to they way I would go to the airport. Not to be blunt I asked if he was from Harrogate. He must have seen through my question as he proceeded to explain that by taking a sequence of side roads he could establish who (if anyone) would be following us.

So, who might this service appeal too I hear you ask? Well, sometimes being wealthy, in a controversial industry or people within the public eye (celebrities) can often lead to unwanted attention. BluSkills offer that piece of mind, flexibility and service which keeps you and your family safe and on schedule.

Planning every detail

Bluskills is the Bettys, the Rolls Royce, and the Rolex of security. They think of everything to ensure your safety, and then add little touches like refreshments and helping with luggage. Richard knows his stuff too and, while planning is preferential, he offers his clients the flexibility should plans change… and let’s be honest, life is never goes to plan.

First and foremost, BluSkills will go through a four-step programme ahead of your journey:

  1. A BluSkills expert will understand your background – this includes researching known associates or groups in detail. These people may not and aren’t normally life threatening but could extend to harassment, stalking behaviours, control of media exposure, protesting groups, and even disgruntled employees etc.
  2. They will conduct a risk assessment to recommend the correct level of service protection to the client. Your health and your family’s health is also considered at this stage. Things like medical conditions or allergies are something BluSkills will want to know about so, in case of emergency they are well equipped to deal with the situation.
  3. Your BluSkills contact will then explore the detail of your journey – mapping out the itinerary, special requirements such as dress code, protocols and anything else that might make their journey more comfortable.
  4. As a final check before the day of the journey, BluSkills will check and confirm all paperwork, from insurance to the road tax of the vehicle, is in order.

Arriving at the airport Richard carried one of our bags in and ensured we found check in before leaving us. I have to say, I’ve not had a stress free journey like this and now, as I’m sat in the departure lounge writing this, I felt fresh, calm and ready for my holiday – something I wouldn’t normally be at 5am!

Offering more than just safe travel

BluSkills also offer residential security, providing expert security assessments focusing on identifying and eliminating any weaknesses and preventing future threats, and close protection, where they put in place a comprehensive security system to protect groups or individuals from a range of threats.

I’d highly recommend BluSkills should you be considering a journey or your in-home security. You can contact Richard on 01765 451207 or email to discuss your requirements.

P.S. This was a paid for collaboration with BluSkills but the views remain my own.

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