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It’s the weekend and, quite frankly, I was done with work this week. I logged off, packed up the car, picked up my friend, and off we went for an adventure.

I did, however, feel extremely guilty leaving Niki on his own. He did get first dibs on the weekend away but turned it down in favour of having the house to himself and the thought of football and takeaways with no interruptions – ah we’re over the honeymoon period!

Glamping in the Yorkshire wolds

Heading approximately 65 miles East, on a very grey day, we tried to not let the impending rain (and snow) bother us. Hey, my mum always says, ‘what’s a bit of rain, after all, we are waterproof.’ We arrived in the pitch black, so decided to open a bottle fizz and jump straight into the hot tub. Luckily, we’d also brought the food for that evening with us and had remembered to order bedding from Humble Bee Farm so we were pretty much set for the night.


Humble Bee Farm Glamping

Humble Bee Farm has various accommodation options. We occupied a Deluxe Wigwam for two nights. It’s perfect for couples wanting a bit of privacy and luxury with an en-suite, kitchenette, and pretty touches such as the Spring flowers and fairy lights. However, if you want to bring the children along with you, the Deluxe Wigwams can sleep two adults and three small children as the sofa can make another double bed. There are also Yurts, two caravan pitches, bell tent pitches and three cottages.


My heart sank! I had no phone signal! What’s a girl to do! What’s a blogger to do! Luckily, Humble Bee Farm provides you with one voucher for 24 hours of WiFi. Unfortunately, it did drop out from time to time and in this day and age, I do think complimentary wifi is standard in most locations.

Chelsea and I had bought two bottles of fizz for the first night and soon the first bottle was empty… but the second put up a fight! We tried everything to pop its cork but gave up and left it outside in case it decided to POP in the night!


Humble Bee Farm and friends

Morning broke and after a comfortable night’s sleep, Chelsea jumped out of bed and stuck the kettle on for her morning brew before peering outside and noticing the Champagne from last night still hadn’t popped. It was the first time seeing the site in daylight – very pretty, uniform and tidy – however the skies were still grey and the ground still wet, so we headed to Reception to say hello and grab some milk. Humble Bee Farm is home to many animals, although you wouldn’t think it as it certainly didn’t smell like a farm. There were pigs, sheep, cows, geese, chickens and ducks. Suddenly, there was a voice.

“Are you joining us then?” said someone from behind us. The strong Yorkshire accent matched the friendly face before us. “Farmer Percy is the name, are you that there blogger… ‘Arrog’t Girl’”

I replied and asked what was going on, pointing to the crowd of children by the farm sheds. Farmer Percy said to follow him and find out. As a working farm, Humble Bee Farm engages their glamping visitors with seasonal events; currently, little lambs and calves are the hot topics. Farmer Percy spoke about the various cows and sheep while the children listened intently. I thought to myself ‘It’s rather lovely here.’ Whether you’re a couple, two friends or a family, there is something for everyone, even if you don’t leave the farm. However, the clouds were lifting, and we were hungry, so we ventured into nearby Scarborough in search of Fish & Chips.

In search of Fish & Chips

Just a short 15 to 20-minute drive and we’d reached the famous seaside town of Scarborough. By this time it was 12noon and I was really really hungry. Winking-Willy’s it was, purely for the name
and all the innuendos which followed. The Fish & Chips were decent there – fresh flaky fish with a crispy batter – Chelsea said it was “nice to have the proper stuff, unlike the tosh we get back home.’


It felt like we’d hit the jackpot as the weather was glorious – not a cloud was in the sky – we perused the shops, bought rock for our families and enjoyed the arcades before enjoying an ice cream on the beach.

A relaxed evening at Humble Bee Farm

We returned to Humble Bee, refreshed and full of sea air. A fresh delivery of logs, which we’d pre-ordered, for the hot tub and fire pit were outside our cabin. I left Chelsea tackling the un-popped bottle of fizz and I lit the hot tub. It was rather fun lighting the hot tub and reminded me of the days when I lived at home and lit our open fire. If you’re unsure how to light the hot tub they will come and light it for you for a small fee.


The hot tub requires a few hours of fire before it’s ready. I recommend lighting it around 4 pm for it to be piping hot for 7.30/8 pm. Which was well timed as we’d organised a pizza delivery at 7 pm. Yes… pizza delivered to our Wigwam! Every Saturday, Humble Bee Farm make fresh stone baked pizzas for those guest who pre-order them. They were delicious and a lovely treat for a Saturday night.


By 8 pm we happy as pigs, though in a hot tub, not in muck! I was so completely relaxed. Two nights away was much needed. More than I had realised. Chilling out, listening to music and chatting away about life, love and Harrogate Tribe was great. We even lit the fire pit and toasted marshmallows.

The sun rose once more and after a good night’s sleep it was time to pack up the car and say our goodbyes. There’s so much more we could have done whilst at Humble Bee Farm. From walking the Yorkshire Wolds to visiting the pretty seaside town of Filey, there’s just so much to do here.


On checking out, Julia – the lovely owner – let us see one of the three cottages. The cottage was absolutely gorgeous and had its own jacuzzi, a large kitchen and en-suite double bedrooms.

My final thoughts on Humble Bee Farm

Humble Bee Farm isn’t just a glamping site, it leaves an imprint on your heart. It’s such a special place and you can see the love and care from the Humble Bee family all around. I, for one, will not forget the weekend in a hurry.

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The Harrogate Girl Offer Humble Bee Farm

A 2 night stay minimum – Sunday to Thursday ONLY book on any dates between:

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A big thank you to Chelsea for taking some of the incredible photos of our trip… that did mean I featured my ugly mug in some – sorry!

And a massive thank you to everyone at Humble Bee Farm for making our stay so fantastic.

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