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Set up in 2007, Byron Burgers is the brain child of Tom Byng after his four year stint in America. His motto is ‘to do a simple thing well, and do it properly.’ Predominantly based in London Byron Burgers are on a mission to move North. Harrogate is seeing a boom in chain restaurants opening. I feel this is a great sign for the town; not only are we seeing commitment and investment in the town center (and not in out of town shopping centers like York has seen with Monks Cross) but it’s also creating jobs. It’s reported 30 new jobs have been created with the opening of Byron Burgers alone.

The kind people at Byron Burgers invited me and my little sis along to a launch event, with an exclusive beer tasting from Innovation Brewery. Byron is situated in the new complex, next to ASK and opposite Pizza Express. Walking down Albert Street ,it has a completely different feel, totally transformed by canopies to keep the rain at bay and outside dining. Byron’s interior is raw and urban with concrete floors, torched wood counters and exposed pipework. The people at Byron were so welcoming and friendly, sitting down we were given our first beer to taste. Tom (pictured below) from Vocation Brewery talked us through how to taste a beer professionally (very similar to wine, tea and coffee tasting but that’s for another post, another time).

My Byron Burger

Our first dish was Buffalo Chicken wing served with a delicious blue cheese dip. The chicken wings, deep fried in batter and coated in Byron’s special hot sauce which blends four kinds of chillis in a secret recipe developed by their head chef Fred Smith. The wings were spicy but just the right amount of spicy and the combination of blue cheese sauce was heaven and it was great to wash it all down with a Yorkshire beer made from water within Yorkshire! Ahhh!byron burger review

On to the Byron Burger! Now you may feel the title of this post is an insult but with the Big Mac celebrating its 50th birthday next year and over 91 million sold in 2013; it’s much loved by the British public. We all know what a Big Mac tastes like, the perfect combination of salt, fat and sweetness. Well Byron have achieved this same great taste with proper ingredients. This £9.50, 6oz hamburger also includes dry cure bacon, mature Cheddar, shredded iceberg, tomato, red onion and Byron sauce. So yes, I think it is the up market and truly delicious, mouth-watering version of a Big Mac… with added bacon. All burgers are served with a pickle on the side. And that’s it. So make sure you order some fries and sides.

big mac? byron burger?

We also tried the chilli burger (£8.95) and by god, it’s not for the faint hearted. Made with green chilli, American cheese, shredded iceberg and chipotle mayonnaise, this is a burger made for the heat seakers of this world. I was glad to receive courgette fries with another round of blue cheese heaven, priced at a very reasonable £3.50. Slightly full but not beaten Byron’s skinny fries topped with Freddar™ cheese sauce and crispy bacon (£4.75) arrived and they were finger licking goooood!

byron burger harrogatebyron burger and beers

Heavenly Shakes

By this point my sister and I felt like we’d had our ‘all American’ proper hamburger fix… that was until the shake (£4.75). Yes they do proper shakes and even hard shakes, where you can choose a shot of your choice to add to the very innocent milkshake. This litre-sized shake (we had Oreo flavour) was addictively good. No it was addictively incredible and I urge you to go and get yourself one, ​​​NOW!

byron burger oreo milk shake

If you’re thinking of eating out in Harrogate, you may want to read my review first. Head to my Eating Out page now.

P.S. Thank you to Byron Burgers for inviting my sister and I to review their restaurant.


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