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The wonderful, independent coffee shop that is Baltzersens transforms into Norse, a relaxed fine dining restaurant serving Nordic inspired cuisine (today, Norse has a premises of it’s own).

Special guest Oliver Rowe

​I went along to a special evening headed up by guest Chef, Oliver Rowe. Oliver has appeared on TV programmes such as Local Food Heroes, Saturday Kitchen and Great Food Live but he’s perhaps best known for his work at Konstam and Konstam at the Prince Albert.

My friend Emma and I went to find out more and taste his wonderful, locally sourced food. Greeted by the Norse team we sat down to a table for two in their small but perfectly formed restaurant.

Food at Norse

Firstly we dug into sour dough bread with artichoke puree and grains, accompanied by a shot of orange vodka and chilli vodka… to warm the cockles!

dining at norse harrogate

Next we had little appraisers, a Norse specialty, which included radishes with horseradish dip, stuffed apples and poached quails egg.  The first course melted in my mouth and for any hard core cheese lover this is for you *drooling as I write this* courgettes stuffed with Harrogate Blue Cheese, drizzled with honey. Our second course, sat on an elder flower jelly, the mackerel was the finest mackerel I have ever tasted. It was accompanied by gooseberry chutney and creme fraiche.

Our next course was skirt steak with picked beetroot and onion. The steak was tender and succulent which married nicely next to the sharp beetroot. For dessert we had almond and blueberry tart served with artichoke flavored ice cream and artichoke sprinkles.

Paul, owner of Norse and Baltzersens is passionate about supporting independents. Currently Harrogate is seeing a massive change with investment from many big chain restaurants. Oliver has some great words about the power of independents:

“…independents are the people who push the market, who push it creatively and find new areas. Which is why, for me, it’s exciting to work with a restaurant like Norse. I like what I’ve seen and the different collaborations that they’ve done.”

Watch out for and follow Indie Harrogate

Paul is forever pushing new boundaries and we’ve seen him create a very successful coffee shop, restaurant and is leading the way with Indie Harrogate. I’m excited to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Why don’t you try a bit of Norse?  Norse is open Tuesday to Saturday, 6pm until 9pm.To reserve a table call 01423 202363. Or Ihave loads of places you could eat at, read more of my reviews here.

P.S. Thank you to Paul and Norse for inviting me to their evening with Oliver.

P.P.S. Thank you to Oliver for the fabulous food!



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