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This year has been a whirlwind for Harrogate’s blogging scene. I want to give a big shout out to the wonderful bloggers we have right her on our doorsteps and some a little further a field which I’ve connected with in my first year of blogging.

1. Harrogate Blogger, Lucy from Harrogate Mama

harrogate bloggers; harrogate mama

We go back a long way in blogging terms, we met when Lucy first started blogging in early 2016. Harrogate Mama’s speciality is balancing three children whilst still looking incredibly stylish and together. Lucy is a lovely lady and very talented. My favourite post from Lucy must be the price comparison she did on local family attractions – genius!

2. Harrogate blogger, Sarah from Sunshine Sarah

harrogate bloggers SunshineSarahxoI’ve never met anyone so full of love, smiles and laughter than Sarah. She is a Diamond. I finally met her at a recent Bettys Blogger event but I’m sure our paths have crossed throughout this year.
Sarah is another lifestyle blog. She writes about food, beauty and gives some awesome top tips like her post about getting ready for Christmas – brilliant!
Sarah also features other bloggers on her site, whether it’s an interview with a blogger or a guest post, it’s a great feature and Sarah is so supporting of other bloggers and the fabulous and friendly community we’re in. Love it Sarah, keep up spreading your positivity.

3. Yorkshire Blogger, Lyndsey from Girl About Yorkshire

harrogate bloggers; girl about yorkshire; yorkshire bloggersFull of fun, Lyndsey and I have shared a cocktail or two. She has brilliant really life banter on her blog. Girl about Yorkshire went viral this winter with a post about a trip on the Weardale Railway’s Polar Express Experience. Her blog is packed full of great things to do in and around Yorkshire. She’s also a great advocate of supporting local and set up her own networking in Otley/Ilkley called The HIVE. Good luck lovely and keep in touch xx

4. Harrogate Blogger, Emma-Louise from The Life Editharrogate bloggers; emma trotter; the life edit

Like Sarah, I first met the lovely Emma-Louise at the Bettys blogger event. She is a seasoned blogger with a fantastic fan-base and a beautiful writing style. Emma-Louise writes about her life, the highs the lows and everything in-between. I loved Emma-Louise’s post on ‘Your negativity is not welcome here’ It talks about the impact of negativity, whether it be on the internet, from a friend or family member. She goes on to give some great tips on how you might concur negativity that is being thrown at you – they are so great and one’s I will certainly be using in the future. Thanks Emma-Louise xx

Emma-Louise also provides course for those wanting to learn more about social media – she knows her stuff.

5. Harrogate Blogger, Luke from Mr Luke Christian

harrogate bloggers; mr luke christian

Again another fellow Bettys Blogger Event attendee. Luke is wonderful, suave and sophisticated. I love his blog, aimed at men who want to look and feel good but also women who have an eye for design. Luke is fantastically creative and has worked with some amazing brands such Anthropology and Jo Malone.

His recent Christmas post on what Christmas jumper are you is great fun. I got funny but you can see what you get here.
Luke did a beautiful post on the Bettys blogger event, which I keep banging on about. You can read all about what they got up to here. Thank you Luke xx

6. Harrogate Blogger, Katherine from Kat got the Cream

harrogate bloggers; kat got the creamKat is an inspiration. She is fashion. I would love to be able to pull off her style. All about fashion and interiors with a few lifestyle posts sprinkled here and there. Journalist by trade and blogging since 2010, Kat is extremely talented. I love her happy lists and her Instagram feed is lovely too.

7. Yorkshire Blogger Em from Em Talks

harrogate bloggers; em sheldon, em talksAnother inspiration of mine is the gorgeous Em. She is a blogger of the highest power. Although living in London she is Yorkshire born and true to her roots. Back in July Em wrote a post on body confidence. It really spurred me on to get fit, healthy and feeling good on the inside. Em covers allsorts but I guess her specialism is Fashion, health and fitness.

8. Yorkshire Blogger Lizzy from What Lizzy Loves

harrogate bloggers; yorkshire bloggers; what lizzy loves

Last but no means least is the beautiful lady, Lizzy. Living in the Dales Lizzy is a fashion blogger through and thought. Down to earth, easy to wear and gorgeous outfits for all. She says for the over 40 but no way is she over 40 – looking good lady! Lizzy absolutely rocks this red sequin dress this Christmas and New Year.

9. Harrogate Blogger, Jess from Enjoy Harrogate

harrogate bloggers; enjoy harrogate

Jess created Enjoy Harrogate back in July 2015. She shares everything that is great about Harrogate, including news and reviews. Being a dog lover and often having visits from the family dog Bootsie, my favourite post from Jess was to find out where , in Harrogate was dog friendly. Great post Jess, hopefully see you soon for a hot chocolate xx
Others that rule in Yorkshire and beyond:

These bloggers work really hard to create amazing content for anyone and everyone to read. Make sure you sign up, follow and like to see what they have in story for 2017!

Thank you to each and everyone of you for a fabulous 2016. Here’s to 2017!

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  1. Ahh – what a lovely post Vix! Well done on inspiring so many of us this year too! I’ve loved getting to know you through this new journey we’re taking! You’re blog is brilliant! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year

    • Aw hello Rebecca. Lovely to hear from you. You should come along to the next Harrogate LIVE event – Thursday 26th January at Veenos. It’s a business networking event but I have made so many great connections from it. I’d love to see you there! xx

  2. Hi Victoria,

    The Harrogate girls seems like a great site.

    I am very keen to get into blogging just in my spare time as a hobby. I would write topics within health and fitness. I have not done anything like this, where writing is concerned so just wonder if you have any advice to help me get started.

    Kind regards.
    Simon Barker


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