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I love nothing more than hosting events and meeting fabulous people. Harrogate Tribe organises fantastically fun events for locals. Events range from big fashion shows and shopping nights to workshops and meet ups. Harrogate Tribe helps you to connect with your town by working with great independents and the Harrogate community.

For the year ahead, Harrogate Tribe will bring Harrogate people the very best events and workshops, inspiring you to connect with each other, local businesses and our community. With that in mind it seemed only right for it to have its own identity.

Working with a Graphic Designer

Having worked with Digital & Graphic Designer, Christian Bailey, through Bettys & Taylors, I was excited to work with him on a new logo for Harrogate Tribe. Christian loved art at secondary school and went on to study a Foundation course in Art and Design, where he fell in love with Graphic Design.  He started Christian Bailey Digital & Graphic Design, based in Harrogate, eight years ago.

Having designed my own “The Harrogate Girl” logo, I’d never used a designer before so it was interesting to be taken through Christian’s step by step process. First, we sat down and Christian asked me all about what Harrogate Tribe is and what it will become. He wanted to understand my primary audience and how the logo might be used. Christian considered the small space that is a social profile picture, through to printed fabrics for merchandise and large prints for posters. Christian said that “the two key points during that journey are communication with the client and the ability to adapt.”

A Harrogate Designer with style

Christian went on to talk about his style, “I used to be very firmly a Modernist type of fella. Though as I’ve got older, I’ve come to appreciate more Postmodernist stylings. I always look for function and justified aesthetic. The type of design I really align myself to is usually clean, well-spaced and bold.”

With that in mind, Christian produced three logos for me to choose from.

In the consultation pack Christian included the logo on various items – t-shirts, bags and designed an icon to see how it would look among other social icons.

We consulted on each design, looking at what we liked and what we didn’t. I wanted to keep the middle design but tweak the ‘r’ so it was more recognisable and take out the heart so it’s not too girly. And after a couple more tweaks we had three amazing designs – but choosing just one was difficult.

This is where my Harrogate Tribe focus group came in handy. I have ten people who are invaluable, they offer their thoughts and opinions on what Harrogate Tribe is and what it should become. After showing them the three logos, I received some insightful feedback. Two logos stood out in the focus group but there was no clear winner. I didn’t know what to do.  It wasn’t until Niki suggested I involve my followers that I decided to take to Instagram for the deciding vote.

The Harrogate Tribe logo

Overwhelmingly 72% of you wanted logo number one, and this is the logo we have now chosen!

Working with a designer

I can’t recommend Christian highly enough. He has been a pleasure to work with, and I’m so excited to use the new look Harrogate Tribe logo and branding on everything! I hope you enjoy it too.

To work with Christian, visit his website here, or get in touch via email or phone – 07811437952.

If you want to be a part of Harrogate Tribe in 2019 please sign up to The Harrogate Girl to be kept up-to-date with all the latest information, events and workshops.

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  1. Hi Victoria

    You have brought the refurbishment of the Majestic hotel to my attention and it looks as if I will take my family there for Christmas.
    Can I pick your brains some more about Harrogate ?


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