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Within a matter of weeks our country has declared a national state of emergency in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s a scary time for a lot of people but it’s going to be really important to look after each other and help those who are unable to leave their homes during the peak of Covid19. Whether it be those at high risk due to a health condition, those who are having to self or household isolate or those over 70 years old, they will need to rely on us to get through this strange period.

My brain cogs have go into overdrive about how I can help our town. Having seen the great work of few quickly become the many, I thought a place where people can easily see what’s being offered by our local Harrogate business, how to run errands during isolation and how to keep active during lock down, might be of help.

Click on the button’s below to take you to the information you need.

Firstly, for latest Government advice and information on Covid19 please visit: Coronavirus (COVID19) – What you need to know

Secondly, the NHS guidelines on Coronavirus symptoms and what to do can be found here: An Overview on Coronavirus

Thirdly, there is also guidance on what social distancing is. I am not the expert and do not offer advice on Coronavirus on this page: Guidance on Social Distancing

I hope you find this useful and easy to read as it’s all in one place. Please do share this post as much as you can and comment below if you want me to add anything. Sending much love and #viralkindness

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  1. Hi Victoria. Brilliant resource. I’ve added it to the Handpicked List that I am creating on the blog. Full credit and a link back to your blog of course. Please let me know if Handpicked can do anything further to help share your information.

    • Amazing Jenni! Thank you. And if you hear of any thing I’ve missed please do let me know. I’m getting updates from people by the hour!! xx

    • I know, it’s such a cute idea that can be used across the world. How are you coping with it Faye? Hope you are keeping safe and well xx


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