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TanKind based on Knaresborough Road (the Harrogate side of the train line) is a place I’ve passed but never gone in. When I was invited for an Indian Head Massage and my nails, I was intrigued as I thought it was just a tanning salon – how wrong was I!

Sigita is TanKind’s newest therapist. Moving from Nottinghamshire she trained ad Ragdale Hall and is passionate about massage and the health benefits it can bring. TanKind has helped her passion by setting up a small beauty therapist room for her to practice massage. As someone who believes massage supports my mental and physical wellbeing, I was relieved to be able to have massages, now lockdown is easing.

Having filled out the necessary new client forms, along with a special COVID questionnaire, I was ready to go. First up nails but I really want to talk to you about Sigits’s massage.

Currently TanKind are offering an Indian Head Massage for £40

Indian Head Massage in Harrogate

Sigita asked me a few questions about my lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve from the India Head Massage. She started off with me on my back and immediately she recognised I was holding an enormous amount of tension in my shoulders.

She focused in on these, working out the knots and rebalancing my back before moving onto my neck and turning me over to massage my shoulders and head.

It was dreamy. Although I could still hear the hubbub of the salon, Sigita was able to make a start on the tension areas while achieving a really relaxing massage. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve booked in again next week so Sigita can work on the stress knots some more. She knew that if she tried to get them all out my body might not cope with all the release of tension. So I left, floating on air and feeling so much more relaxed.

Nail art at Tankind

Having not had my nails done for months, I was a little giddy at getting them done again. TanKind have a huge selection of nail colours to chose from. I wanted to go a little bolder with my choice and settled on a teal green colour called Majito to match my new Mint Velvet dress. Sigita pointed out that it was a colour changing gel depending on your body temperature. Did I still want it? Yeah, why not! It can be my new party trick!

TanKind has two nail stations, which were really clean with a perspex screen between you and the beautician who also wore masks and gloves. Plastic coverings protected you from the seat, along with hand sanitiser available at all times. I loved my new nails. Sigita is a perfectionist so she ensured that each nail was perfectly finished.

  • Manicure or pedicure with gel polish £30.00
  • Gel soak off £5.00
  • Acrylics £40 (nail art extra)
  • Infills £25.00
  • Acrylic soak off £10.00
  • Regular manicure £15.00
  • Male manicure £12.00

Innovative sunbed tanning

Bear with me. Having worked in a tanning shop in my early 20s I tend to avoid them now but after speaking with the owner Coral, I was amazed at how technology has advanced. Coral was telling me that they receive many referrals from the hospital for light treatment along with couples who are trying to conceive so I want to explain to you the different light beds on offer.

Anti-aging treatment

The Natura Green Light Fusion Vitamin D sunbed has an added anti-aging treatment. It helps to improve pigmentation, dark circles, and discoloration of the skin. It is also able to soothe and calm the body, reducing stress.

Collagen boosting

The Pink Light Collatan sunbed is a kinder tan with 25% of the lamps boosting collagen in your skin. This will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and boosted your natural collagen.

Feel the rainbow

The rainbow light is a mix of all the sunbed lights to produce a rainbow. Each light provides a different health benefit:

  • The red light boosts your collagen and balances out your skin’s moisture.
  • The yellow light omits UV-B to help you produce vitamin D and drain toxins to promote a healthy immune system.
  • The blue light has antibacterial properties helping to rejuvenate blemished skin.
  • The green light reduces stress and has been shown to help enhance learning and concentration.

To book an appointment with TanKind please call 01423 887047.

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P.S. Thank you to TanKind for inviting me to review the Indian Head Massage and sorting my nails out. Please be safe and responsible if you do decide to use sunbeds.

You may like to visit my Health & Beauty page for more beauty treatment reviews here.

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