autumn fashion


My Autumn lust List 2017

  1. Keep warm with a Pure Collection Cashmere Polo | £105
  2. Feel good in this sumptuous leather skirt from Jaeger | £299
  3. Cosy up with a tipple of Rum from the latest distillers, Harrogate Tipple in Harrogate | £30
  4. Be classically understated with one of G A Taylors’ watches | £POA
  5. Top your cheese and biscuits with some delicious Pear and Ampleforth Cider brandy from Bettys | £4.75
  6. Treat you dog to a plush dog bed and the envy of all their fury friends designed by Lord Lou and available at Amara | £291
  7. Saddle up with these gorgeous boots from Brace Clothing in Harrogate | £295


  1. That dog bed is so lovely! Knowing my dogs though we would spend all that money and they would sleep underneath it or just totally ignore it.


  2. Hi Jess, how are you? It is a lovely dog bed… the sort of bed I would get out only when I have guests! #suchashowoff #notforeveryday xxx


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