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Harrogate has just been named the best place to live if you are working from home. With an estimated 8.7 million of us having worked from home and nothing set to change for the next… two trillion light-years… more people are considering the type of life they want to lead.

Working from home culture in Harrogate

Sometimes that could mean looking elsewhere to live. So why is Harrogate such a popular choice? Well, I’m bias as I bought into the Harrogate Lifestyle years ago after traveling Australia and coming to the realisation that home is where I belong. The reasons were clear, a safe place loved by its residence whose passion for good coffee and green open spaces were top of the list. The recent study which Harrogate came out on top was down to its average property prices, green spaces, crime rates, broadband speed, air quality, the number of GPs, and average Ofsted ratings. For me, it goes deeper than that, people who live in Harrogate take great pride in it and as a collective, we all play our part to invest in the success of Harrogate resulting in an attractive offering.

Where to work in Harrogate

With working from home comes the flexibility of hours and location. So not every day do I have to be stuck in the house. I could decide to work from a coffee shop or hotel. This is nothing new, so many of my network do this already and there’s been many a Harrogate Girl or Harrogate Tribe meeting done from the comfort of the Hotel Du Vin sofas. So here’s my list of great places and spaces if you want to work somewhere different:

1. North Bar

Working From Home Harrogate Coffee Shop North Bar

Why stay at home when you could Work From North. In the centre of Harrogate North Bar has the perfect people watching windows, great beers and cake! They are offering workers £15 you get:

  • A delicious Dark Woods Coffee refill or other hot drink
  • A focaccia sandwich of any choice (we’ve got vegan and vegetarian options as well!)
  • A pint of core range for the end (or beginning
  • Free WiFi and power sockets
  • A table for your own from 12pm-5pm

Just call them on 01423 520772 or email to secure your table. P.S. try to make it a window one – you won’t regret it!

2. Hotel Du Vin

A favourite of mine since I started blogging. That’s because the staff take the time to get to know you and what you like. You’ll soon see they attract many regulars and business on the Hotel Du Vin sofas are done every day. It’s certainly one if you want a bit of comfort, good service and great food. WiFi is available and I always manage to find a plug when I’m there.

3. The Harrogate Tea Rooms

Working From Home Harrogate Coffee Shop The Harrogate Tea Rooms

You can now rent a table at one of Harrogate’s friendlies cafes. The Harrogate Tea Rooms offers a table for up to 3 hours for £10. It includes:

  • Sole use of a table 
  • Free WiFi and power socket
  • Unlimited tea or coffee 
  • A free brunch anytime during your visit

This offer is available Mon-Fridays from 10am ( last slots available at 1.30pm). To book call 07713013470 or message them on Instagram or Facebook.

4. Valley Gardens

Ok so maybe not right now but there’s been times where I’ve taken advantage of what makes Harrogate no.1 for homeworkers and thats to pick up my mac and hotspot in the Valley Gardens on a summers day. There’s nothing better than getting outdoors for inspiration and connection back to the earth.

5. The West Park

The West Park Hotel is another favourite of mine. They have now provided dedicated workstations to suit all your tech needs. Plus you’ll receive complimentary tea and coffee on tap. It’s also a great place for grabbing a cake or a delicious lunch. To secure your workstation call 01423 524471 or email

6. Hoxton North

Hoxton North is somewhere I like to work, although not as busy as weekends at Hoxton’s there’s something tranquil in the hustle and bustle of a small coffee shop. Although there’s no deals I’ve always felt welcome and they do a good strong coffee to kickstart your morning. Get there early if you want to secure a table but I do like the window bench as… yes you guessed it… great for people watching.

7. Manna Bakery

Working From Home Harrogate Coffee Shop manna Bakery

A favourite of Niki is Manna Bakery on Cold Bath Road. He loves to go get a club sandwich and sit whilst doing a few emails. They have recently reopened the cafe with limited tables. If you avoid the school times then you stand a chance of getting a great seat. I’d highly recommend the almond croissants too – delicious!

8. Cedar Court

The Cedar Court offers super fast WiFi for those wanting a quiet space to come and work. Food and drinks are also available to order.

9. WorkHub

Opening at the start of this year the Workhub offers all-inclusive private office space or co-working offices that are a bit more than a white box. You’ll be among minded people if you were to rent a desk, an office of varying sizes, or have a meeting in the boardroom right in the centre of Harrogate. In addition to offices, there are communal breakout areas with seating and kitchens, a cycle store and shower for those like to pop to the gym. Located close to the train and bus station it offers a longer-term outlook on working from home for those who aren’t allowed back into the office but don’t have the space at home.

Do any of these take your fancy?

Home working can be hard, maybe consider getting out once a week or once a month for a change of scenery! Share your home working stories with me by tagging @TheHarrogateGirl and using the hashtag #homeworkinginharrogate

If you are a cafe or business who offers deals for homeworkers, I’d love to know. Get in touch here.

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