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Forget the gym! Running who? Yoga pah! You need a trampoline in your life. It’s mental health day today (9th October) and I thought this would be the perfect time to share my latest love and road to happiness. During lockdown, I wanted to start something that would get me fit and keep me happy. I knew there’d be a long road ahead where working from home and the unknowns of Covid might have on my wellbeing.

I tried walking, HIIT in the garden, and morning Yoga but I never stuck to any of it so when I saw a trampoline for sale for just £79 I thought, let’s give this a go. Little did I know how hypnotisingly fun it would be. Indoors or outdoors I was bouncing my way to happiness. The 90s tunes were on the Sonos and I was happy. So when the trampoline fitness franchise ((Bounce)) got in touch to see if I fancied a session I… jumped… at the chance.

Where is ((Bounce)) in Harrogate?

Run by the lovely George Eustance, ((Bounce)) is based at Performax Fitness Centre, 52 Chatsworth Road, HG1 5HT which is located just behind the Fire Station off Skipton Road. Due to social distancing laws, the numbers are restricted at the moment to around 12 but it’s quite nice to not have a full class. The best part is the room is dark – not pitch black so you can’t see but dark enough so people can’t tell you look like a beetroot which has got stuck on a sprinkler!

Is trampoline fitness good for you?

Hell yes! The ((Bounce)) class is aimed at burning calories. The (HIIT) high-intensity interval training, choreographed cardio workout is made that little bit harder by popping the trampoline under your feet! It’s the perfect feel-good exercise. Just look at this for a taster:

What classes do ((Bounce)) offer?

There’s three different classes that ((Bounce)) offers. But having done all of them I’d certainly advice you do all three to find out which suits you best.


Dance your heart out to some classics! This is the original one-hour dance cardio class featuring 45 minutes of choreographed routines to burn those calories and get your heart racing. This is followed by 15 minutes of toning exercised lying on the trampoline.

((Bounce)) BLAST

Imagine ((Bounce)) on steroids! This 45-minute quick session is designed to kick ass and get your heart beating fast. You don’t have time to stop and think but you won’t want to stop. This workout is addictive!

((Bounce)) BOOTCAMP

This is a circuits-based session which includes the trampoline along with the bike and weights. It truly gives you a great workout, just like a challenging group P.T. session.

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How much does a ((Bounce)) class cost?

The best thing is that all three classes cost the same. At just £6.95, it’s a bargain! Classes run on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You do need to pre-book using the online booking system, click here to book. And with limited numbers classes are booking up fast – especially the evening classes.

Great news! If you fancy attending one of the ((Bounce)) classes for the first time, you can receive 50% off your first class. Just message the Instagram page: @bouncenorthyorkshireandleeds

I can’t thank George and the team enough for inspiring me and supporting me to the point where I just want more and more of ((Bounce)). The blog was in exchange for a few Bounce sessions. But watch this space as George also Personal Trains which I have started each week to complement the high-intensity workout… I’ll be trim in no time!

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