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My last post talked about how the brace worked (read about it here). Now I was about to see Greg for a fitting and I was very nervous. I’d worked myself up into a frenzy about how it would look. Will it stand out a mile or even not work? Sitting down in the chair I reclined back to Greg stuffing the “Wallace and Gromit” lip shield into my mouth… I had to try really hard to stop myself from saying “Cracking good job, Gromit”.

My brace fitting

The fitting was very straight forward…after painting one side of my teeth with adhesive Greg fitted the brackets to the teeth. He repeats this on the opposite side. Once all the brackets are on Greg attached the memory wire. This wire has a natural curve to it. If you were to scrunch it up, in time, it would form its original shape. Designed specifically for cosmetic reasons Quick Straight Teeth works on the front six to eight teeth by pulling them back to the original natural curve.

How it felt to wear a brace

How did it feel… well have you ever been hit in the nose and mouth and left with a pressure? Not pain, just pressure? Well that’s what it felt like. There was no pain and I was back at work within the hour, having a proper brew. I decided to have an easy dinner as I didn’t quite fancy biting down on a piece of steak, so an omelette was a safe bet.  My teeth wear tender but able to scoff down the omelette followed by some grapes and melon. However, I’m certainly going to carry a pocket mirror with me at all times. If I was to get something stuck in my teeth it could be the size of a side salad! Luckily you’re given goody bag, who doesn’t love a goody bag, even if it is full of miniature brushes, wax and toothpaste. I think tomorrow it might hurt a bit more but I’ll keep you up to date. For now I’m going to brush my teeth and say night night.

If you are interested in Quick Straight Teeth, call Pannal Dentist now on 01423 870879.

Don’t forget to mention where you heard about it!

Read about the results here. And if you want to understand more about the procedure, I’ve covered that too in this handy blog post here.


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