Let’s have a sneak peak at the NEW David Lloyd Club in Harrogate.

David Lloyd Leisure is Europe’s largest and fastest growing group of premium racquets, health and fitness clubs with now 98 clubs in the UK and a further 13 across mainland Europe.

The Harrogate club has seen the new addition of a DLicious cafe bar – which I can while away the day write some blog posts and drinking copious amounts of coffee. The club also offer members an adult only private space to relax, grab a bite to eat and work using their WiFi.

The David Lloyd Club newest addition is a kids’ activity room, so you know your children will be well looked after and having a great time whilst you make the most of the gym, pool, or group exercise classes.

For me though, the biggest change has been in the gym area. It’s gone through quite a transformation, a new High Impact studio for classes such as Body Attack and Body Pump, an amazing Group Cycling Studio and a Mind and Body studio, the perfect setting for Yoga and Pilates, which you can book all their classes through a handy David Lloyd app.

The swimming pool hasn’t changed a great deal yet, but you’ll be pleased to hear it has had a spruce up, plus they’ve added a new sauna, steam room and a feature shower. Don’t worry folks, they’ve kept the spa area too and still offer Espa and have introduced Elemis products and a great list of relaxing treatments.

Nationally, the club is known for its investment in racquet sports, so you’ll jump for joy at the sight of the refurbished tennis courts and in due course they plan to refurbish the outside courts too! And all the other areas such as locker rooms have been updated too.

the harrogate girl david lloyd club harrogate

I’m totally shocked at the amount of avocados the club go through each day! But this club is all about a healthy lifestyle; of which I find it hard to stick at, and if you do too I have six tips on how to stick at it

David Lloyd Clubs also offer member a boditrax app, which means I can keep an eye on how I’m doing. The app analysis your whole body using electronic waves to record and track muscle and fat, intra and extra cellular fluids, skeletal and abdominal cavity analysis, metabolic efficiency, metabolic age and cellular performance. Phew, that’s a lot to keep on top of, but the main two I want to improve are my hydration levels and reducing my fat mass but increasing my muscle mass.

My workout programme with David Lloyd Clubs

So I’m on a six month membership and I want to make the most of it. Dom, a personal trainer at David Lloyd Clubs Harrogate, has set me my training programme for the next six weeks.

My aim is to gym twice a week and swim or a class once a week. My programme is designed to give me cardio and strength all rolled into one. After my stretches, I warm up for 10 minutes on the cross trainer on level 12. The programme is then split into five sets. I need to do these sets twice over, making sure I take a break of a minute or so between each set.

Set one

Set two

  • 12 (on each leg) x step up on box size 15″
  • 12 x 10kg ball slams

Set three

  • 12 x 16kg Kettlebell deadlift
  • 12 x TRX row

Set four

  • 12 x chest press machine on 12.5kg
  • 7 (on each leg) x lunges

Set five

  • 12 x 12kg Kettlebell swing
  • 7 (on each side) x Russian twist using ball weight 3kg
  • 2 x 20 second plank

I finish my routine with cardio – 10 minutes on the bike, intervals of 30 seconds on level 6 and 30 seconds on level 10 with the aim of being at a consistent speed. And last but not least, 10 minutes on the treadmill at speed 5.8 building my incline every two minutes (incline 2, 5, 8, 6, and 3).

There you have it, I’ll be reporting back on how I’m finding everything along with my progress… I have 12 weeks until Greece and I want to feel good!

P.S. This is a collaboration with David Lloyd Clubs.

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