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So, we’ve done the body and nutrition (read it again here), it’s now time to get active! Take it away Graham…

Training tips

As simple as it sounds to prepare for a physical challenge like The Mighty Hike or Ben Nevis, you have to incorporate the same activity (i.e. walking) in your training. If you are training for a hike you need to hike. If you are training for a marathon you need to run. It’s that simple in a lot cases, unless injury prevents you. However, other conditioning exercises should and can be done to help complement and enhance your fitness.

Ben Nevis is around 16k in distance and 4,406ft high. The Mighty Hike is just over 41km with a variety of intensities. To train for this you would build up your walks starting from 3-5k and progressing to around 12-15k as you get closer to the event. Three or four days before the challenge, reduce your training, sticking to small walks to allow your body to rest.

exercise and weight loss

Exercises to help you perform better

When you break down the movement involved in a hike you look at the main exercise being lunge; walking is basically a series of lunges. Other patterns of movements such as pulling. pushing, bending, twisting, squatting, and gait are also important. We call these movements primal patterns. Performing primal patterns to a good standard is hugely important in injury prevention and longevity in activity participation. My blog shows some primal pattern exercises you can do in preparation:

1. Lunge: perform 12-20 reps on each side.
2. Single Arm Cable Push – 12 reps each side
3. Single arm Cable Pull- 12 reps each side

Or watch some easy step by step guides on my You Tube channel.

Activating your core

The core is very important for stabilising the spine and pelvis. It is extremely important to ensure your core is functioning correctly to help prevent injury. Here’s some simple exercises that will help:

1. Four point tummy vacuum ( 10 reps) – The Tummy vacuum is an activation exercise for the core and is very much designed for the beginner.

2. The prone jackknife ( 10-12 reps) – The prone jackknife is more demanding so start with what you feel is best.

I hope the information I have provided you with will prove to be useful in your preparation. Please feel free to contact me on the details below to book your free consultation and I will be more than happy to help you on your way. In fact, if you quote “Harrogate Girl” you will receive a 20% discount off your personal coaching package.

GOOD LUCK VICTORIA! And good luck to anyone taking on a physical challenge for charity!

Thanks Graham, there’s some really useful tips and I know with your guidance I’ll be Mighty Hike Fit in no time! If you want to contact Graham to either ask him a question or use him for personal training, please contact him on 07595978335 or at

Have you ever used a personal trainer or achieved great results? How did you do it? Read about my experience of a personal trainer and see the results here.

Please note this is general information and your training programme and progression will depend on age, ability, general fitness, and additional factors. If you are currently recovering from an injury and can’t yet train, then ensure you are being guided by someone who is trained in injury rehabilitation. Please do not hesitate to contact Graham.

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