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I’ve just turned the ripe old age of 31. I had a ball in last year and I hope to do the same this year. However there’s something is different. I’m fitter, healthier, happier and a whole one stone and six pounds lighter thanks to personal trainer, Graham Whitehead.

After only 11 weeks of training I’ve seen a massive difference in my shape, weight and mood. Clothes that have hid in the back of the closet, you know the ones. Relegated to the back because one day I will get back in to them and that day starts… on Monday. Well not for me, I’m now wearing a whole dress size smaller. Jean’s and jackets all fit me with room to spare. I feel great!

As I’ve mentioned in my last post about personal trainers, Graham is a holistic coach. This means he looks at the whole picture from diet and exercise to body issues and flexibility. Graham assessed my physical and mental health along with current diet and lifestyle habits. On this basis he drew up a plan of action. I completely cut out dairy and wheat for two weeks. This was hard but I did notice the results and most of all my energy levels. I ran for 30 minutes twice a week and trained with Graham at the Fitness rooms twice a week. Graham would often put on a circuit for me comprising of boxing, core stability training and a hell of a lot of yoga ball. At the start I wasn’t keen on the yoga ball but I think this video of me show’s I’ve mastered it. He would always be there watching my technique and ensuring I don’t over do it or under do it! We used to finish with cardio; the runner or rower, to ensure weight loss and not massive muscle built. Did you know that? So girls, if you don’t want the muscly look do you’re cardio after your weights. By no means is Graham cheap but he is worth every single penny.

My weight loss results

May 2016…

before the weightloss

September 2016…
after the weightloss

my weight loss journey

Ok, so there’s more to lose but Graham has helped me to condition my body. Running 5k twice a week with two personal training sessions is the platform to a better lifestyle.

Graham got me to a great place and being my cousin’s bridesmaid, I felt fantastic, so thank you Graham. If you’re thinking of using a personal trainer, please choose for Graham. He is with you every step of the way and gives great advice.

Contact Graham Whitehead Health today on 07595 978 335 or come along to the next Harrogate LIVE event

Have you ever used a personal trainer or achieved great results? How did you do it? Or are you preparing for a physical challenge and need some help? Graham has some advice here.

P.S. Thank you ever so much to Graham for his support and advice.


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