Harrogate Organics Company

I’m so excited. A Harrogate Family has today launched their third Harrogate independent business – The Harrogate Organics Company.

The Harrogate Organics Company brings you brand new aromatherapy, CBD, nutrition, and skincare ranges, crafted using the very best, sustainable ingredients to stimulate recovery, help people relax, and ultimately, live their best lives. 

Keeping it Harrogate local

Nearly all of Harrogate Organics Company’s suppliers are from Harrogate too, which means it’s able to keep its carbon footprint low. Everything is meticulously considered, from recycled and recyclable packaging which is compostable in a customer’s own garden to the personalized notes on every order that goes out – how cute is that!

The Harrogate Organics Company Range

The company covers four key area – Re:lax (aromatherapy) Re:cover (CBD) Re:fuel (nutrition) and Re:juvinate (skincare). They gifted me a ‘Lift’ Diffuser and a ‘Lift’ Candle from the Re:lax range.

The sent of the ‘Lift’ Diffuser and Candle is the most energetic scent in the range, the lift diffuser is an all-natural reed diffuser that awakens senses, sparks motivation, and lifts mood. This vegan-friendly diffuser and free from paraffin, synthetics and all toxic ingredients candle harnesses the power of natural ingredients including lime, naturally vibrant in scent and black pepper, a clean scent often used as a supplemental therapy scent to curb cravings. Vetiver (which I had to look up) is a green grass native to India, is also used as an ingredient to relieve stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, while mandarin is included for its happy and uplifting aroma as well its reputation for calming.

The Harrogate Girl Harrogate Organics Company Health Wellbeing Beauty

Re:lax Aromatherapy ‘Lift’ Candle – £34

The Harrogate Girl Harrogate Organics Company Health Wellbeing Beauty

Re:lax Aromatherapy ‘Lift’ Reed Diffuser – £32 

The Harrogate Girl Harrogate Organics Company Health Wellbeing Beauty

Harrogate Organics Company’s mission

Harrogate Organics Company is on a mission to demonstrate the healing powers of organic ingredients. What’s great is they are doing it right her in our hometown of Harrogate. I say let’s help them do this and spread the word far and wide.

with love the harrogate girl blogger blog

P.S. The Candle and diffuser were gifted in return for social activity. Using the code is a great way to give you money off and a small percentage goes to the running of this blog. Views are my own.

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