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My passion for cars has stemmed from my Dad so when hybrid Lexus CT 200h review came up I was intregued. He taught me all the names of the Grand Prix racing drivers as they whizzed past on our television screen. As a family we used to dabble in off-roading too, my dad’s Shogun was immensely fun but we did get stuck in the mud once or twice! My petrolhead was given a further fuel injection when my boyfriend at the time bought me a track day. I experienced driving a Farrier, Aston Martin and surprisingly my favourite, the Lamborghini.

Vantage Motor Group, Leeds

Vantage Motor Group got in touch to see if I wanted to experience their Hybrid Lexus CT 200h. After a little celebratory dance, I composed myself and said YES!
​Established in 2003 in Yorkshire, Vantage Motor Group has worked hard to achieve impressive success, much like the brands they represent. At the helm and founder of Vantage Motor Group is Harrogate man, Mark Robinson. In 13 years the Group has acquired a series of dealers across the country, selling Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Citroen, Skoda, mazda and Lexus.

Being a Vantage Customer

So off I popped to Leeds with my little Polo; I parked up and skipped headed into the Lexus Centre. It’s a pretty swanky showroom with Nespresso coffee machine (just need some Taylors coffee pods) and a wall dedicated to customising your newly bought Lexus. The centre is up for refurbishment soon and the manager, Javed Sultan gave me a sneak peek of the plans and there’s some big reveals! But you’ll have to visit them when it’s done to find them out.
lexus showroom leeds
​I met Emma Higgins, who was so personable. She showed me round the centre and talked me through the car. Emma isn’t a typical car sales person, and her career up until Vantage Motor Group had nothing to do with cars. Emma’s approach is to get to know the person; what they like, what they do and their hobbies. This way she can better inform them about the car they’re interested in purchasing. Their service is tailor-made to the person, just like Lexus cars! Lexus stems from Luxury US and when driving the new CT 200h you certainly experience the Lexus luxury.

Lexus Technology

In 2004, Lexus became the first premium carmaker to perfect full Hybrid technology. The compact CT is powered by the world’s most advanced full hybrid technology. It achieves this by orchestrating a combination of super-efficient 1.8-litre petrol engine, high-output electric motor, compact battery, seamless hybrid transmission and a power control unit.
Is your inner geek at maximum capacity yet? Just wait!
When slowing down or breaking the petrol engine turns off, and regenerative breaking harnesses the kinetic energy lost in other cars. It converts this into electrical energy charging the hybrid battery, which is one reason why you never need to recharge a Lexus Hybrid Drive.

Lexus CT 200h

The CT model gives you three driving options, NORMAL for everyday driving comfort, SPORT for dynamic responsiveness, or press the EV button to enjoy the CT in Electric Vehicle mode.
Inside, you will be treated to hand-stitched leather seats, cutting edge audio with 13 speakers, parking assist monitor, navigation and two USB points so you and your partner will never lose mobile power. The CT can even become a WiFi hotspot for up to five devices.
The CT 200h range starts from £21,245. Please call Emma for more details on 01138 879701.
​Take a look below at my video to see how much I loved this car.
lexus ct 200h with vantage motor group lexus ct 200h white

The Shopping Experience

If you’ve purchased a Lexus with Vantage Motor Group, they really do look after you. Whilst your car is being serviced, you have the opportunity to enjoy a personal shopping experience at Debenhams. Vantage Motor Group will drop you off and pick you up in their gorgeous F Sport RX with rose leather interior. My friend, Sadie and I met Hayley, the Debenhams personal shopper. She takes into consideration my body shape, listened to what I wanted and went to find a range of clothes suitable for my forthcoming race day for me to try on. We had our own private room with wall to wall mirrors and played dress up for the morning. My favourite outfit had to be the white dress with pink and black strips from Coast.
After a good 2.5 hours trying on some fabulous dresses we were ravenous, so made our way to the Debenhams cafe for a bite to eat. We had complimentary tea and cake but also bought a salad, it was 12.30pm after all!
Sadly it was time to leave the store as both Sadie and I had to work in the afternoon so we missed out on our make-over with Benefit! makeup I’d recommend making a day of it and dining at the Spanish restaurant, Ibérica and shopping in Trinity.
Heading back to the centre I reluctantly picked up my car keys but they’d kindly given my Polo a good valet, which is all part of the Vantage Motor Group Service.
shopping in leeds with lexus
P.S. Thank you to Vantage Motor Group for letting me drive the Lexus CT for a week, the Personal Shopper Service and valeting my car.
P.P.S Thank you to the ladies in the hairdressers (whoever you are) for talking about my cosmetic brace post as the Marketing Manager from Vantage Motor group overheard your conversation!
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