lexus rx suv hybrid review

At a glance:

  • 3.5L V6 Hybrid
  • All wheel drive
  • 0-62 in 7.7 seconds
  • Top speed 124mph
  • Average 51mpg
  • Cost starts from £49,000 (The featured car is a Luxury model starting at £51,500)
  • As little as 120g/km of Co2 is emitted
  • 20″ alloy wheels
  • 12.3″ Multi-information display in centre instrument panel

The Lexus RX curb appeal

This car has it in abundance; its side on profile looks great with a gorgeous privacy glass window which sweeps right across the car. Front profile shows the origami style the car was designed on. Vantage Motor Group had given me their Lux version which features 20″ alloy wheels and came in a gorgeous Vanilla Mist colour.

lexus rx review

Making life easier with Lexus technology

If you’re buying a car from Lexus (available at Lexus Leeds) they have some great features to make your life easier. My favourite and one we used a lot as we took a road trip to Kielder was the automatic boot opening. This is great when your hands are full with luggage. The Lexus RX also comes with keyless entry and keyless start so you don’t even have to reach into your handbag and rummage for your keys. Inside you’ll find a wireless phone charger in the middle console; perfect for throwing your phone in and letting it charge. The RX also has a great Bluetooth feature allowing you to play your music and even your Spotify playlists.

lexus rx infotainment system lexus rx suv boot space

The performance of an SUV

Well, after I got over the fact this isn’t a car you buy for its performance I actually really enjoyed driving it. It is nippy but you wouldn’t buy it if you’re after a fast ride. The ride was incredibly smooth, almost like gliding over a mill pond.

This SUV features a 3.5L V6 engine which is complimented by two batteries, making it a hybrid. This particular hybrid technology is exclusive to Lexus and help to keep the SUV’s fuel efficiency lower than other SUVs on the market. When at low speeds the RX switches to battery power which makes it ideal for sneaking up on people. It also has park assist, speed awareness, lane assist and advance pre-crash safety which is all great if you like to be uber safe.

In the end I did find the constant buzzing of my steering wheel all too much and turned off the lane assist and speed awareness. For those who are interested the pre-crash safety device has a radar and an on-board computer calculate which can detect (within millimetres) a potential collision risk ahead. If the risk is high, the driver is alerted by audible and visual warnings and brake pressure is increased. When a collision is deemed unavoidable, the brakes will be applied automatically as necessary and the front seatbelts tightened – snazzy! The RX is also full of air bags which will cocoon you on impact.

lexus rx hybrid

Lexus Comfort and class

This is where the Lexus RX really comes into its own.  The interior of the RX is the height of sophistication with hand stitched detailing and laser cut wood for the centre console. The seats come with two options, heated seats or air conditioned seats so in the summer you don’t get the burning sticky leather scenario. I have to say by the end of my week with this car I realised it’s like sitting on a fluffy white cloud.

The RX makes any long drive feel like you’ve been upgraded to first class with extra leg room for all passengers, a place to pop your phone and a panoramic sunroof for the keen star gazers or bird twitches. I also thought the boot space 453 litre capacity was great, I used it to take my Christmas tree up to my parents for storage along with a clear out of craft items for my local craft store.

lexus rx suv the harrogate girl

MY RX summery

To end, I feel this car is perfect for families who are constantly on the move and require comfort and ease. It will help with day to day life and will keep you safe. I loved my adventure to Kielder, the car made it even more exciting and enjoyable. I certainly didn’t want to hand back the RX keys to Vantage Motor Group!

lexus rx city car

lexus rx suv

lexus rx

If you’ve enjoyed this post then have I got news for you! Vantage Motor Group are letting me test drive another brilliant car very soon so sign up to my blog for the latest news and I’ll let you know about an exciting competition with the next car!

Read my review of the Lexus CT 200h here.

P.S. Thank you to Vantage Motor Group who let me whisk the Lexus RX away for a weekend in Kielder.

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