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Gillian Munro is a fine artist who lives in Harrogate. After studying interior design and display design at Bradford college in 1990, she became a hairdresser but art was always her first passion.

In the last couple of years, Gillian has been fighting addiction to alcohol. To help her maintain her sobriety in her free time Gillian began enjoying walking in the lakes and the Yorkshire Dales and was taken by the raw beauty of waterfalls. After much research and many visits, Gillian decided it was time to put paintbrush to canvas and started to paint. Gillian’s inspiration was artist J.M.W Turner, who’s known for his expressive colourisations and imaginative landscapes. Gillian strives for a realistic view of what she is painting and says, “I want people to feel they have been transported into the place they are looking at. I want people to feel the energy of the water and the flow. To feel a connection. Or to wonder, perhaps someone proposed there, swam there, cried there, or kissed there?”

See Gillian’s work in the Valley Garden’s Harrogate

Gillian has a collection of 13 amazing waterfall pictures so far and will continue the search for inspiration around the country and beyond. Next year, Gillian is excited to be exhibiting at ‘Art in the Gardens’ in the Valley Gardens as part of the White Rose artists next year. Her well-know Yorkshire landscapes are usually painted on A3 canvass using acrylic paint sponges and palette knives and finished in varnish to make the paintings pop. The original art, framed are £222 and the prints are £72.

If you feel inspired by Gillian’s art and want to know more, you can visit her Facebook page here:

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P.S. This was a collaboration with Gillian to showcase her art and tell her story.

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