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I’m relishing my new home, especially during lockdown – can you believe it’s 6 months!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d spend so much time at home but, for me, it’s been a real positive experience. Like many of us, time at home has made us think about improving our environments. Whether it be a new sofa, a fresh lick of paint, or a full-blown extension, home improvements have seen a huge increase since lockdown began.

So what makes made to measure curtains so special?

There are so many reasons to choose custom made curtains and blinds but here are a few things that make them stand apart from off the shop bought blinds and curtains:

  1. Whatever the size of the window you need to cover they will fit perfectly.
  2. By choosing bespoke you are offered advice on fabrics, headings, drop, and optional extras.
  3. Ready-made curtains often involve some sort of compromise whether it be light sneaking through or the drop being too long.
  4. There is no need to make any adjustments to your curtains as they are bespoke to your window.
  5. There’s a variety of design options, patterns, and colours to choose from.
  6. Because you can choose the pattern or colour it will give your room a cohesive design.

What to think about when choosing curtains and blinds?

One of the main considerations to bear in mind when addressing a room is the windows. You can go into many shops and find a range of ready-made curtains and blinds but what looks better than a well-fitted pair of made to measure curtains in a fabric you love.

That was me! Having had many months to mull over what we needed for the kitchen and master bedroom, I still couldn’t come to make a decision. Having trawled through Hilary’s, Blinds Direct, and the likes I was still none the wiser as to what I wanted. So I turned to local business, Lou’s Thread Interiors. I met Louise at a Wetherby Hour a couple of years ago and attended the opening of her interior showroom come workshop. Louise specialises in interiors and soft furnishings and is incredibly talented with a sewing machine.

She asked some really good questions and, as it was lockdown, I did a video so she could see the windows in situ. The questions that needed answering to ensure we achieved a beautiful yet practical window dressing were:

  1. What’s the view like? You don’t want to block it out if you have beautiful views, equally your main aim might be privacy especially in the winter months when the sun sets early and the lights come on.
  2. What type of light is it? North or South facing light can have a big impact on this decision.
  3. What room is it? The type of room might help you decide on what you want and need.
  4. Are there practical considerations (near a sink, cooker, or in a child room)?
  5. Do you want curtains, blinds, or both?
  6. What’s the colour scheme or design theme of the room?

From there Louise was able to point me in the right direction. And after looking at the fabrics Louise sent us a link to, Niki chose a really cool Cactus pattern for some roman blinds in the Kitchen. And I was set on some velvet sage green curtains for the master bedroom.

More than just curtains and blinds

The day came when Louise delivered the blinds and curtains and we were both blown away by how they looked. We both fell in love with them. The kitchen blinds are perfect, the add a playful touch to the kitchen design while the velvet curtains add a sense of luxury to our master bedroom and it’s like staying in a boutique hotel room; we even sleep better as we opted for blackout curtains.

Louise looked for the best price for us, she sourced and ordered all the material herself and would normally visit to take measurements. As it was during lockdown I gave her the measurements so I’m really glad I got them right! Throughout lockdown, Louise has been busy helping create scrubs for the local hospitals, she is such a good egg. She also made me a pillow to go with our master bedroom curtains.

If you are thinking of investing in bespoke curtains and blinds it can truly transform a room. Get in touch with Louise and she’ll walk you through the journey to ensure you get what you need to create the perfect home.

Lou’s Thread Interiors
Website: www.lousthread.co.uk
Tel: 01904 737573
Email: louisehannington@lousthread.co.uk

Lou’s Thread Interiors Show Room
1 Sycamore Barn
YO23 3PA

with love the harrogate girl blogger blog

P.S. This was a collaboration with Lou’s Threads. Louise provided a discount for the curtains and blinds we ordered.

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