Build a drive the harrogate girl driveway home and garden

So can your driveway add value to your Harrogate property?

It’s been shown that since the end of World War II we’ve seen an increase in vehicles on our UK roads. But did you know that the majority of vehicles at any one time are in fact stationery? The demand to park your car safely and securely is more important than ever before. I don’t know about you but since lockdown, this has been true, in fact, my car is sitting on the driveway with nothing to do but I feel secure knowing it’s parked off the road.

But how can a driveway increase your Harrogate homes property value?

Build a drive the harrogate girl driveway home and garden

We all know that, if you can, you will avoid parking on the roadside. Off-street parking across the HG1 postcode is hard to come by but does bring extra benefits such as lower car insurance and the risk of accidental damage reduced significantly- I know as I’ve been a victim of someone taking a dislike to me parking on the road.

Fascinatingly, in recent surveys, it has been suggested that people viewing a property that’s for sale make a decision within the first 30 seconds of seeing it. By having a drive that can fit at least two cars on the driveway you’ll appeal to more people’s checklist than if you don’t have a driveway or can’t fit more than one car on the drive – potentially losing valuable buyers.

The importance of having a driveway has been marked as the 8th most important feature that people look for when buying a home based on a recent survey by Ideal Homes. In fact, it was a huge 84% of people surveyed that stated a driveway would be a deal-breaker.

What kind of extra value should I expect?

This isn’t an easy thing to state, as there are a number of factors that play a part these include location, size, current surface type, and the surface finish you are looking for. A recent car insurance survey suggests that you can expect to see around a 10% increase in your property value by having a well-kept driveway, the average paid house value of the last 12 months in Harrogate is £360k so you could see a whopping £36k added to the value of your house – who knew drives were so lucrative!

One thing to remember is that throughout Harrogate more and more properties have the need for a driveway that will hold 2 or even more cars at any one time, having a large driveway can only add value to your property.

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Can a driveway de-value your property?

Yes, is the short answer, a poorly installed or un-kept driveway won’t offer anything to a potential buyer, a poorly installed driveway will show cracks and sinkholes, which will only come as an issue for the new owners.

If you have viewings booked in then be sure to make the driveway look pristine and well maintained, nobody wants to see grass, lichen or moss growing through the driveway, not only because of the thought of having the upkeep but also because of how dangerous the surface may become.

How much will a new driveway cost?

It all depends on what you chose. Different driveway surfaces will vary in cost, due to the different materials, location, and ease of access for the installation itself.

There are loads of fantastic options from resin, tarmac, and pattern imprinted concrete to gravel, block paving and Indian Flagstone, all of which come with a range of finishes. My advice would be to talk to your driveway supplier about the various option and which best suits your needs.

The most popular driveway surface in Harrogate

By far the most popular driveway you may have seen popping up is a resin driveways and there’s a fair few already installed in the Harrogate area – don’t they look smart! The popularity of a resin driveway is down to the stability they provide, the wide range of colours, and how hardwearing and durable – lasting for years and years to come.

For more property inspiration why not head to my Harrogate Home & Garden section on the blog.

P.S. This was a paid for advertorial with Build A Drive.

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