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It’s been a few weeks since Niki and I had a date. At the moment life, family and the big move has taken over every little spare time we have. While Niki is a romantic, in his own little ways, he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day so we let it pass us by like another day however, I decided it was time we had a ‘date’ and wanted something that didn’t involve viewing house, eating or a lot of travel. It just so happened that Calligraphy Harrogate had a course on that Saturday.

Calligraphy Harrogate, taught by Helen (right) & Joules (Left), runs a series of workshops in the local area. They attended my Harrogate Tribe Indie Christmas Event to offer a taster in the art of Calligraphy. It proved so popular that many Tribers have since attended their workshops.

The harrogate Girl Blogger Calligraphy Harrogate1

My Saturday morning in Harrogate

The harrogate Girl Blogger Calligraphy Harrogate1

After a yoga session at Fit Harrogate and my obligatory stop at Manna Bakery to pick up my favourite almond croissant for our breakfasts, we wondered into town and headed for Gino’s Restaurant. We made our way upstairs to be we welcomed by Helen & Joules before being offered a tea or coffee from the friendly Italian waiter. The table was set for 10, laid out in front of us was a flat board with our beginner’s pack, a nib, a pot of ink and some daffs to brighten our day – it is nearly Spring after all!

Learning the art of calligraphy – it’s not handwriting!

The art of perfection in imperfection and that Calligraphy today is very much an art not handwriting. Traditionally it was a male who would assume the role of a calligrapher but in recent years the popularity of calligraphy has come back and it’s the females who are picking up the craft. In fact, Niki was their first ever male to attend the class.

Start at the very beginning

This was very much a beginner’s class to Calligraphy, we got to know our nibs and how it glided over the page top to bottom, left to right. One lady said it felt like skiing, where you had to understand which knee to bend and where to lean in order to turn the corner and slide straight again. Once we’d grasped the flow of the ink it was make or break weather we were allowed to get through to the next round. But we all passed. we then went on to developing our skill through the alphabet. It was all about the breath, or should I say remembering to take a breath!

Mastering the alphabet one letter at a time

Half way through perfecting the alphabet we stopped for an Italian breakfast. It was a delicious mix of granola, breads and pastries. We also ordered another round of coffees. It was lovely to get to know the others on the course. Some had joined for a specific project such as wedding invitations and others just wanted a new hobby.

The harrogate Girl Blogger Calligraphy Harrogate1

Itching to get back to it, we sat back down and finished off the alphabet and numbers. I soon realised I had my favourites. I loved ‘a’ ‘j’ ‘r’ and ‘z’. However, I wasn’t so keen on ‘b’ or ‘f’. Helen and Joules walked round, helping each one of us with our techniques and ensured we kept our pens straight. They could see the different styles forming between us. Niki was dainty, precise and pretty where as my style as big, bouncy and bold.

I could have carried on all day

Time just few by, and before we knew it there was 30 minutes to go. Niki and I decided to have a go at some of the words and Niki even did freehand… I was not at this stage!

The harrogate Girl Blogger Calligraphy Harrogate1

The three-hour workshop was therapeutic, fun and great to do with Niki. I’d so recommend it either with your partner, a friend or your mum.

About Calligraphy Harrogate

The beginners workshop costs £65, which you receive all your materials (nib, ink and paper) and a course booklet with practice paper. We would so be booking onto the improvers course if it didn’t clash with a review of Oulton Hall spa – our next day date 🙂

To book, email

Up and coming date:

MARCH 2019
Saturday 16th March
An Modern Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners 10-1pm
Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant, Harrogate.
£65 to include improvers kit and Italian breakfast 
Only a few places left!

Tuesday 26th March 
An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy for Beginners 10-1pm
Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant, Harrogate.
£65  includes kit and Italian breakfast 
Only a few places left

APRIL 2019
Tuesday 9th April 
An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy for Beginners  10-1pm
Country Living St George, Harrogate
£65  includes kit and refreshments

Saturday 13th April 
An Easter Modern Calligraphy Workshop for Improvers 10-1pm
Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant, Harrogate.
£65 to include improvers kit and Italian breakfast!

P.S. Thank you to Calligraphy Harrogate for inviting me on the course. I paid for Niki to attend.

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