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Here it comes… the first in a line up of Christmas blog posts.

I couldn’t resist writing this post after I was invited to the launch of a new cashmere shop in Masham; Nearly New Cashmere. The gorgeous Yorkshire Market Town has been the location for many family walks and is home the annual Sheep Fair – one not to miss!

After four years of Country Shows, Fairs and Pop Up Shops, founder of Nearly New Cashmere, Alison Hollins set down roots in her home town Masham.

Nearly New Cashmere offers a serendipitous collection of second hand 100% cashmere jumpers, cardigans and gloves for both women and men – the perfect gift this Christmas.

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But Cashmere isn’t just for Christmas, no. It’s an investment and, if you look after it, will last a lifetime. But how do you care for your cashmere?

1. Cleaning with care

The care label may read “dry clean only,” but your cherished cashmere knit can end up as stiff as cardboard. Instead, hand washing a cashmere sweater may actually make it softer and oh-so-cosier over time. Be sure to use baby shampoo or a mild detergent. Hanging cashmere out to dry is a total sin. Wring the sweater is just as bad. Instead gentle press out the excess water then lay it flat on a towel, reshaping it before it dries. To avoid a line running down the middle of the sweater, you need to fold it like you’re putting it on the shelf of a boutique clothes shop. Fold each side of the sweater inward by a third, smooth the arms down, and fold in half, et voila!

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2. Keep the enemy at bay

These insidious creatures like nothing more than to feast on your newly acquired purchase. Yes, I’m talking about moths. What you need is an ultra-strong condom in the form of an impenetrable zip-top plastic bag. There’s no chance these little buggers can penetrate your beautiful jumper now!

Moths love stained and grubby clothes, particularly honing in on dried-on food or make-up and hair products. So a regular wash and shake of your wardrobe will minimise the possibility of hiding predators or larvae.

Another way of keeping the moths at bay is to invest in some Cedar hangers. They also care for your cashmere and minimise the gravity pull (from £12.95 for 3, Muji).

3. Buzz the fuzz away

It’s so annoying when a new jumper immediately looks old after one wear. Research has revealed that more and more, cheap fibers are employed in sweater construction, unlike the better filaments used years ago, which is why your 1950s cardigan, now almost 70 years old, remains pill-free and that thing you bought last month is dying.

I’d recommend a battery-powered “fabric shaver,” which buzzes the fuzz away, but be gentle. Also, the dry cleaner can sometimes de-pill, so be sure to specifically ask about this. Speaking of which—though most sweaters return happy from a trip to the cleaners, there are some knits that should never darken that door.

Invest in a cosy cashmere this Christmas

A mover and shaker in sustainable fashion, Nearly New Cashmere offer quality, exceptional service and reasonable prices. The new shop, located next to the Co-op in Masham (HG4 4ER) is a great little find for anyone seeking cashmere in their life.

As a special gift for my followers, they are offering 10% off all items bought in the Masham shop and online November 2019. Just use the code: HARROGATEGIRL10

The Shop can be found at 5 Leyburn Road, Masham, HG4 4ER (in the Co-op car park).

Harrogate Blogger, with love, merry christmas

P.S. Thank you to Nearly New Cashmere for the gifted jumper I’m wearing (picture to come).

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