the harrogate girls big move garage conversion

A collaboration with Lidget Compton concrete garages as part of The Harrogate Girl’s Big Move

Now that we’re on the path to selling the hunt is on to find a house that is right for us. There’s so much to consider and one of them is converting the garage thus creating a bigger square footage of living space.

Naturally garages are such a useful space, whether you keep your car in there or use it as a dumping ground for those boxes you never unpacked from the house move; it is a valuable bit of space. And with the Brexit effect, more of us are staying put and extending or converting our existing homes. If you’re looking to add a garage to your home, take a look at Lidget Compton concrete garages.

But, there’s no need to restrict the space to only these two possible options – you can renovate your garage to be whatever you want; a gym, home office, bedroom or even a living space. It’s a great way to add space without having to extend or move and it can even increase the value of your home. The options are endless for conversions, but when thinking about planning one, there are a few things to consider before you can get excited about decorating.

What to convert a garage in to…

It is likely that you already have a purpose in mind if you’re starting to think about garage renovation but if not it’s a good idea to start brainstorming. Deciding on a purpose should probably be one of your first steps as everything you do afterwards should be based on this decision. For example, if you’re wanting a home gym, there will be a lot less building work required than if you’re wanting to convert it to a living room. Popular options for garage conversions include; a guest room, storage facility and a home office but realistically it can be whatever you want.

the harrogate girls big move garage conversion

Designing your garage conversion…

Once you have decided on the purpose the next steps involve considering the space you have and what can be done with it. For higher end projects it can be worth working with an architect to really identify creative ways to maximise the potential. Other options for design include employing a renovation company specifically. Whatever you choose, assessing the space is a crucial step to knowing exactly what is possible.

Getting planning permission for your garage conversion…

Once you have a solid idea about what you want and can do with the space, the next steps could involve obtaining planning permission. There are certain outbuildings which do not require planning permission, but this can change for conversions. As long as you’re not altering the actual structure of the building it should fall under permitted development, but you should check with your local council there are no planning conditions attached to the garage first. You may have to apply for a change of use if there is, particularly if it is a stand-alone garage. If you live in a listed property or conservation area you will most likely have to apply for planning permission. It is worth checking whether your specific renovation project needs planning permission; it is often based on the purpose of the conversion and what it is going to be used for.

Complying with building regulations for a garage conversation…

Garage conversions need building regulations approval as they qualify as ‘change of use’. They need to be inspected in terms of ventilation, insulation and fire safety among others. You have to apply through your local council and a building inspector will usually come to inspect the conversion.

the harrogate girls big move garage conversion

Practicalities of converting a garage…

If you’re converting your garage into a habitable space, there are some practicalities you need to consider; these will usually be assessed when you apply for buildings regulations approval. It includes things like ensuring there is the correct insulation and ventilation, fireproofing and escape routes alongside structural soundness. Also consider things like doors and windows; can you add them? Where do you want them? Other important considerations are things such as plumbing and electricity. You’ll need an electrical supply to be accessible in the garage and if you plan to use it as a guest room, do you want it to have plumbing for a sink or toilet?

Cost of converting a garage…

Provided the structure is in reasonable condition, a garage conversion is more cost-effective than adding an extension or carrying out a loft conversion. For a 15m2 integrated garage in good condition expect to pay around £6,000 (£400 per m2).  However, for a detached garage, costs will significantly increase. This is partly due to connecting services such as water and electric, which isn’t always provided in detached buildings. For a standalone single garage expect to pay from around £15,000 (£1,000 per m2).

Once it’s all done and the builders have left, I’m sure you’ll be pretty pleased with the extra living space so pop the kettle on and enjoy it.

the harrogate girls big move garage conversion

Who’s converted their garage? Do you have any top tips you can share with me in case we do go down the conversion route!? Wish me luck!

with love the harrogate girl blogger blog

P.S. This was a paid for collaboration with Lidget Compton concrete garages

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