dating in your thirties

Just imagine being back in your 20-year-old self – feels good, doesn’t it? You don’t have a care in the world, no serious job, money was spent on clothes, shoes and gin, there wasn’t a mortgage payment in sight and you’re pretty sure your mum will have done all your washing, and have dinner on the table. Life was great.

Now let’s look at your 30-year-old self… pretty picture no? So, we have the delights of bills, work stress, some people have children from previous relationships, home improvements, health worries and so much more. Most importantly you are an individual, you’ve carved out your life and you’re a little set in your ways.

Does this effect settling into a relationship? Finding a partner was easy in your twenties, you’re free to settle where you please, save the little money you both have and eventually buy a house, and build your careers together. It’s a life forged through join decisions. Most if not all my friends have settled in their twenties, they love to hear about my dating dilemmas but can’t fathom why I can’t seem to settle.

Dating is easy whatever the age. Thanks to internet sites bursting with people looking for dates, you’re never be hard pushed to find one. It’s once you’ve found someone, who meshes with your personality and who completely get you and you them, does the hard work starts; fitting into that person’s life and them fitting into yours is astronomically hard. Both parties have ideals, habits and traditions. One may like to go to bed at 10pm and the other can’t sleep until the early hours of the morning or one has responsibilities such as children from a previous relationship and the other doesn’t.

Let’s face it dating in your thirties, forties, fifties and even sixties mean we have more baggage to bring to the relationship we just need to figure out how this baggage gets organised and filed!

Sound familiar? What’s your experience? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. More baggage but maybe it’s also a case of less able to compromise the older you get? I don’t have a clue I’m afraid, I haven’t dated since my teens! But from what I hear from my few single friends, dating in your thirties sounds like hard work. I always thought that the dating bit was meant to be the easy bit – the fun bit? And that it’s the staying together for 20+ years where the real hard work begins..?

    • Hello Sarah, I completely agree. Dating is the fun part but to move on from dating into a relation ship and then into a couple in it for the long road is harder to do over the age of thirty that under. You completely right I think we all become compromise phoebes and we feel it doesn’t matter because there’s another guy or gal around the corner. Maybe we all need to go on compromising courses instead of dating websites! xx


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