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A sister-sister relationship is like no other relationship

Few people will understand your childhood better than a sibling but when it comes to sisters, we constantly switch between loving and hating one another. Your sister will likely be with you for some of your best memories in life, but she also has that special knack for getting under your skin. You might be fighting like cat and dog but two minutes later you’re the best of friends. One thing is for sure your sister relationship is never boring and you wouldn’t change it for the world. Here are eight things that make it just that:

1. You ‘borrow’ your sister’s clothes but she STEALS yours.

the harrogate girl stealing your sisters clothes It’s fantastic to have a sister because you instantly have another wardrobe and makeup bag to rummage through. Often borrowing a dress or that red lipstick for a night out becomes the norm. However, when the tables are turned and your sister is rummaging in your wardrobe you instantly accuse her of taking things without asking and stealing! This used to drive me insane as my sister, Kirstie used to borrow all my best cloths.

2. She is your confident but sometimes she’ll spill the beans.

Having a sister is a brilliant as you always have that someone to talk to, who will listen and help. She has your best interests at heart but if it’s an embarrassing story, especially one that involves drink, she’ll not hang back in embarrassing you in front of friends with the “one time…” story. I’m totally guilty of this, sorry Kirst, you’ve just got some many funny stories to tell!

3. Your connection is like no other but you’re not the same person.

Growing up in the same house with the same upbringing means that you and your sister understand each other better than almost anyone else – very true but DON’T COMPARE US! Family, friends and even teachers are all guilty of saying, ‘But, your sister isn’t like that.’ OK so you may look alike, hang around together, have similar mannerisms but sisters will act differently to one another, they are different people. Yep, Kirst and I get this a lot. There’s only 15 months between us but we couldn’t be more different if we tried. She was certainly better at exams than I was.

4. You’ll always have someone to ask advice but sometimes it’s not the advice you want.

the harrogate girl a sisters advice Having a sister around is the perfect sounding board when you need advice. Unfortunately, that same source of wisdom likes to give advice even when you’re not in the mood or don’t want to hear it. Again, my hands are up for this one. I often put in my two pennies worth when it probably isn’t wanted. Sorry Kirst.

5. You’ll have more makeup and hair products than you know what to do with.

the harrogate girl sisters
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Just like having another closet to pick through, having a sister also means having extra makeup and beauty tools at your fingertips. If your sister is really into beauty tools, you might find that sometimes the bathroom doesn’t have enough space to brush your teeth in. Kirst loves her products, she has to have the latest beauty treatment going. Even now her bedroom consists of 50% beauty products 50% everything else. However, when she comes to stay she always brings product for a facial.

6. You’ll have someone to help you with your social life.

Sisters are also great tools for your social life. Whether you just need a friend to go to the cinema with or an excuse to get you out of an unwanted commitment, sisters will usually come to the rescue. If your sisters are more popular than you, it can be difficult to struggle socially while watching your sister head out to the bars and clubs before you. This happened to me. My sister looks older than me so always got into the bars and clubs before I could, she’s paying for it now though and looking old isn’t great when you’re 30.

7. You’ll always have someone to dig you out of a sticky situation.

sister relationship the harrogate girl Sisters are also there to bail you out. Whether it’s providing you with tampons or condoms, sisters look out for each other. However, sisters are known to take the last tampon from the bathroom without asking Mum to buy more.

8. Sleepovers happen every single night.

Sisters are also a lovely part of life when you’re young and get to share a room. Sharing toys and beds can make it feel like a sleepover every night. I remember opting for the smaller bedroom so my sister and I could see each other across the landing from our own beds. We also shared a room for a while until it became an hormone-filled prison!

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