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The relationship between any mother and daughter is one which is probably the most fruitful and most fraught relationship you will ever have. On September 5th 1985 my mum gave birth to a beautiful bundle of joy in Harrogate Hospital, thirty-one years later and she is my best friend and confident. But it hasn’t always been like that. Our relationship has been one of the deepest love and the deepest anger. It all stems from being incredible similar people. We share the same hopes and dreams but it hasn’t always been plain sailing.

The ups and downs of a mother and daughter relationship

Throughout primary school I used to push boundaries, and as I grew up I turned into a hormone-raging teenager. This didn’t make for a harmonious home. The simplest of conversations would turn into an almighty row, doors would slam and words were not spoken to one another for hours.  My mum notices my every flaw, she is hypercritical and always on my back about weight, men and life. But this is only because she loves me so much that she wants to help and improve me.

She’s always there for me

One thing I do know is my mum is dependable. Forever there to wipe away my tears, hold me tight and pick me up. My mum is the only person who will share in my delight whether its a new vase or achieving something great at work. It’s only because I love her so much that she is the person I want most approval from.

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Mother and daughter time is essential

As I mentioned my mum and I are very similar so we love spending time together. A good rummage around an antiques centre, interior shops or a lunch. I always look forward to our catch ups. This is why I think Hotel Du Vin in Harrogate is the perfect mother and daughter meet up. We went a couple of weeks ago and were lucky enough that the Great British weather was on our side.

​Sitting out in the courtyard we were treated to a bottle of Hotel Du Vin’s house Champagne given to us by the lovely General Manager, James.  We also tried a couple of dishes off their new tapas menu. The pulled pork toastie with fresh sage leaves didn’t look up to much but it was a taste sensation. Both my mum and I wanted more of it. The meaty ham hock and cheese croquettes ​married with the fresh tomato chutney. So so good!

​For mains I was feeling French and what goes better with champagne than seafood, so I chose Moules Frites (£15.50). It was such a shame there wasn’t any bread to mop up the creamy white wine sauce and garlic butter but that’s probably not the dun thing! My mum chose the Superfood Salad (£9.50) on James’ recommendation. This salad had a tender chicken breast with baby kale, edamame beans, quinoa and sprouts. mum said it was very filling, in fact she couldn’t finish it – or was that because she’d had too many pull pork toasties?

The courtyard, at the back of the hotel is like a secret garden – not many have stumbled upon it. Sitting there sipping Champagne it’s a tranquil spot with comfortable garden furniture and in the evening patio heaters keep you warm in the English breeze.

Our afternoon at Hotel Du Vin

Hotel Du Vin have a fantastic team, always so attentive, welcoming and knowledgeable. The company have invested a lot in it’s training and soon it will invest in the hotel with a refurbishment in the planning. My mum and I can’t wait to see it complete.

Today I have the most wonderful relationship with my mum. I tell her everything, I value her opinion, advice and word of warning… whether I listen is a different matter. The bond between us is so strong and I’m incredibly lucky to have her in my life. So much so she is helping me with my blog. Hotel Du Vin was the perfect setting to have a lunch and discuss the blog and it’s future. Every time I pop to the hotel (yes, it’s becoming my local!) I have a great time. A few months ago I went to a wine tasting with my friend Sadie and also celebrated my friend’s engagement in the restaurant, read more here.

hotel du vin wine night

P.S. Thank you once again to Hotel Du Vin for their wonderful hospitality, as always!


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