love is relationships

love relationships

  1. Laughing at the same points in a film
  2. Giving the best bits of food to Niki as I know he’d do the same for me
  3. Niki fixing something that’s broken so I don’t have to
  4. Wanting to be the best person I can be
  5. His cosy warm legs to put my cold feet on
  6. Wanting to make his life sparkle as much as he makes mine
  7. Falling deeper in love each time I’m with Niki
  8. Playing the odd practical joke on one another
  9. Looking after each other when we get ill
  10. Being able to laugh at each other and not take life too seriously
  11. One adventure at a time
  12. Doing absolutely nothing with him
  13. Still feeling close to him even when we live in two different towns
  14. Having Niki as my best friend
  15. What gets me through tough times
  16. Acting like big kids in the pool at The Feversham Arms
  17. The little things we do for each other because we know the other likes it
  18. When a cuddle from Niki is the best feeling in the world
  19. Making sure I have milk in for his morning cuppa (I don’t drink tea!)
  20. His Middlesbrough accent brings a smile to my face
  21. Feeling loved.

Sorry about the soppy post but I felt compelled to share what love means to me. I’d love to know what it means to you? And if you liked this post why not sign up to my news letter to receive updates on our adventures.

It’s six months since Niki and I first got together and it’s been the most amazing six months; I feel so lucky to have him in my life. We’ve both vowed to adventure together, as much as we can, because life is for living and we have a blackboard wall to fill…

Oh I so laugh at myself when I make a video – I’m totally pants at it! Anyway if you want more giggles your should see my other relationship posts. Especial the video on the crazy world of online dating – it’s a total cringe fest!




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