I’m uber busy at the moment. My life consists of a 40 hour job that I love with all my heart plus blogging which I do 15 to 30 hours a week depending on what events I attend. So my free time is incredibly precious to me.

Living on my own it’s hard to cook for one person. Most of the time I end up throwing away most of the contents of my fridge, who eats a whole bag of lettuce, a pot  of cream and four chicken breasts in one week – not me! It’s not just food I’m wasting but the amount of packaging I was taking home from the supermarkets was outstandingly high. So when SNAP! Yorkshire Recipe Boxes got in touch and asked if I wanted to try their recipe box I thought hallelujah! The solution to my wasteful problem.

SNAP! are a great Yorkshire business. Based in Thirsk this family run business hasn’t been open long but they have certainly made their mark. They celebrate the best of Yorkshire, sourcing all their produce from local farms, butchers and cottage industries such as Puckett’s Pickles. If you’d like to know more about SNAP! visit my previous blog post.

SNAP! are so accommodating, they even delivered to my work as this was easier for me. Reviving the box I knew for the next three days I was going to be well feed and couldn’t wait to see what’s inside…field to fork yorkshire recipe box

From Field to Folk

The box was over flowing with Yorkshire treats. You could still smell the Yorkshire earth on some of the onions. Every item was packed and labelled so there was no going wrong when following the recipe. There were five recipe’s to choose from and I picked:

Mr Hunda’s Indian-style fish curry with basmati rice (dairy free)
Pork and Grassington air dried ham schnitzels, apple and tomato chutney
Sweet chilli and soy Yorkshire beef stir-fry with rice noodles (dairy free)

The meat and fish came wrapped up in a lambs wool insulation and freezer packs and it was still cold when I got it home 3 hours after delivery.

Pork and Grassington Air Dried Ham Schnitzel

pork recipe from recipe box

Matt and I set about laying out all the ingredients required for this meal and read through the recipe cards. Everything is weighed out for you so no need for scales or in my case guessing and hoping for the best. I fell in love with the smallest milk bottle in the world, so much so I took a picture for you all – just adorable, isn’t it?

The instructions were very easy to follow but I do love to cook, so I’m not sure if a complete novas would be as comfortable. I was intrigued to see how the apple and tomato chutney would turn out as I’m not a massive chutney fan. In just 45 minutes it was on our plates, and was a very hearty portion indeed! The box costs £35 for three menu choices for two people. That works out at £5.83 per meal which is incredibly good value for money as I know it’s top quality, Yorkshire produce. And the proof is in the pudding or should that be tasting. This was my favourite dish of the three – the sharp yet sweet flavour of the chutney was divine (now a chutney convert) against the truly scrumptious air dried ham and pork schnitzel. The air dried ham is from H Weatherhead & Sons in Pateley Bridge… a butchers I know well as it’s near my parents place.

Sweet chilli and soy Yorkshire beef stir-fry with rice noodles (dairy free)

beef recipe from mail order food box

Firstly I loved that it was dairy free. I am very aware of what I eat at the moment as I’m working with Graham Whitehead Health so this is a great choice for a high protein diet. Again very easy to follow the instructions and the chilli chutney from Puckett’s Pickles was tongue tingling good. All the ingredients is so fresh, right down to the ginger to give that fiery kick. This dish also has crushed cashew nuts on top which added a nice creamy touch to the finished dish. The best thing about this dish is I had enough for lunch the next day and there were some very envious colleagues at the dining table that day, I can tell you!

Mr Hunda’s Indian-style fish curry with basmati rice (dairy free)

curry in a hurry food box

Again an other dairy free dish, using coconut milk. The fish is fresh from Thundercliffe’s Fishmongers in the lovely town of Helmsley. Curry is one of my favourite dishes and I was so looking forward to trying Mr Huda’s curry paste. However, I fear my cooking skills let me down as it didn’t have the impactful taste as I’d hoped for. Instead it was quite watery and lacked any colour – epic fail on my part – sad face – must try harder next time.

The Verdict…

I love the idea of supporting local producers and getting back to cooking kitchen without waste or the hassle of having to shop for the items. This months range looks fantastic and it’s great to see even more dairy, gluten and veggie options. I hope SNAP! expand further and offer single person boxes, desserts and more boxes throughout the month. Good luck SNAP!

SNAP! Recipebox is on sale now. Chose from the following fabulous dishes:

  • Pork chop & tart plum sauce (dairy free)
  • Chermoula & coconut marinated Yorkshire coast white fish (dairy free)
  • Flash fried Bavette steak with a coriander, lime & Yorkshire chilli dressing (gluten & diary free)
  • Wilted kale, squash & Yorkshire fettle galette (veggie)
  • Herb Fed  chicken supreme, tarragon & mushroom sauce (gluten free)

​P.S. Thank you to SNAP! Yorkshire Recipe Box for letting me review their two persons box.​


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