Just three days ago the United Kingdom was a divided nation and we are all still coming to terms with the unknown which lies ahead. The decision has been made, Britain will leave the European Union (yes I’m linking this as the most searched question on Google was ‘what is the EU?’ shocking). One thing I feel really strongly about is we now need to pull together and a great way of doing that is to by British. That’s why by supporting your local shops and businesses is now more important than ever before.

Your local food recipe box delivered to your door

SNAP! Yorkshire Recipe Boxes is a lovely local food recipe box delivery service. This little family business, based in Thirsk works hard to supply us with the best Yorkshire ingredient our county has to offer – all we have to do is cook it. Luckily for us there is an easy recipe card to follow and all the ingredient is weighed and measured so nothing goes to waste!

recipe box delivered to your door

This month, SNAP!  announced it’s working with renowned Yorkshire chef, Jason Wardill. Originally from Bridlington, Jason and his wife Emma, have just taken over the New Inn at Huby. Jason has already been hard at work developing this month’s recipes. You can choose three delicious recipes from the following:

  • Mr Hunda’s Indian-style fish curry with basmati rice (dairy free)
  • Yorkshire chorizo and herb fed chicken jambalaya (dairy free)
  • Pork and Grassington air dried ham schnitzels, apple and tomato chutney
  • Sweet chilli and soy Yorkshire beef stir-fry with rice noodles (dairy free)
  • Pappardelle pasta, broad beans, cherry tomatoes, spinich and Yorkshire fettle cheese (veggie)

Perfect for time-poor people

Having recently been to a food media briefing, I noted food delivery, eating out and healthy eating are the call out areas for growth. We hear the term ‘time-poor’ more and more but it’s true, as ‘The Harrogate Girl’ I rarely have time to shop but I still love to get in the kitchen and cook. SNAP! cater to this market perfectly, giving us great, nutritious food right to your front door.


There’s a few recipe box companies out there at the moment but I’m drawn to  SNAP!s philosophy. It’s passionate about working with over 30 local growers, farmers and independent food producers to bring the very best from the field to your fork. SNAP! not only offers easy to follow menus but it cares about the environment too; food miles are reduced as all the ingredients are sourced from God’s own County and the recipe box packaging is also recyclable, compostable or reusable.

How to order?

Ordering this scrumptious box of Yorkshire’s finest couldn’t be more simple. In just four easy steps you can order three meals for two or four people.discount code The hardest thing will be waiting for it to arrive. Delivery for July’s SNAP! Yorkshire Recipe Box is Wednesday July 13. A two person box is £35 and a four person box is just £55 (that’s just £4.50 per meal per person!). The kind people at SNAP! have also kept previous recipes on their website so why not get some inspiration while you wait for your box to arrive.

But the most important thing to we have to do is use the code above, simples!

Do you use an online food ordering service? What do you like about it? Have you discovered new recipes? Please share them with me!



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