Talk on the Wild Side with Martin Hughes Games in Harrogate
Portraits of Martin Hughes Commissioned by: Gerry Granshaw

Springwatch star Martin Hughes-Games says he hopes to spark interest in the natural world at his family-friendly Wildlife Road Trip in Harrogate.

The former wildlife TV producer and presenter will be appearing with fellow-Springwatch presenter, Iolo Williams, on Sunday 17 October at 7pm at Harrogate’s Royal Hall. Iolo Williams worked for 15 years for the RSPB before moving into TV presenting. 

Martin said: “Iolo and I are overjoyed when kids come to see our show, because we want to get them interested. David Attenborough’s always said if you get people interested, they’ll care more and that’s certainly true.”

Since it launched in 2005, Springwatch is credited for changing our relationship with nature. Unlike wildlife documentaries focussed on exotic foreign climes and the majesty of lions, elephants and sharks, it focussed on UK species like blue tits, badgers and foxes.

The show broke down barriers as the presenters chatted and interacted with audiences, bringing in viewers’ photos, comments and questions, encouraging more of us to be citizen scientists.

Martin explained: “What’s going on in the natural world is not good, but unless people are made aware of it – hopefully in our case in an enjoyable and entertaining way – then nothing is going to change. We just want to spark interest, inspire people to be in wonder of the natural world around them, and we want to share some of our fascination that both Iolo and I have, in the hope that by getting people interested, they’ll continue to care.”

The softly spoken presenter, often with a pair of glasses perched in a nest of thick hair, was loved on Springwatch for his trademark boyish sense of wonder. He was reinstated on the show after being sacked in 2016, following a public outcry. He later resigned in 2018, after 12 years on the show.

Martin started his career with a degree in Zoology, so talking about his passion on TV was ‘just a dream’ job, which goes some way explaining his zeal. 

He promises to give audiences a no-barred behind-the-scenes insight into Springwatch, as well as his 30-years producing wildlife TV. 

Martin said: “The Wildlife Road Trip draws on all those years of wildlife film-making to show some of the highlights of my career, such as parachuting out of a hot air balloon to chase a Perigon Falcon and finding out how fast it flies whilst in freefall!”

Martin Hughes-Games and Iolo Williams present A Wildlife Road Trip on Sunday 17 October, 7pm, at the Royal Hall in Harrogate. To book:

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