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Is Harrogate saturated with bar, cafes and restaurants?

Some say Harrogate is saturated with restaurants and cafes. In recent years the spa town has seen a massive influx of chains all wanting a piece of the pie and Harrogate has been pushed further into the spotlight as a destination thanks to the Tour de Yorkshire and impending UCI Road Race this coming September!

However, these restaurants are what bring investment into our town, they bring jobs for many local families and we should support them, alongside our independents.

Just the other week I ate at the Foundry Project, an urban bar with casual dining on offer. I’ve only eaten there once, a much-needed breakfast after a whopping hangover – the re-fried beans are one to discover, if you haven’t already – so I was quite intrigued to eat there for tea.

Gin cocktails = happy Harrogate Girl

As time is short for me with a full-time job, a blog and a business plus seeing my family and friend, I merged the review with a meeting with Chelsea to talk about Harrogate Tribe (and boys). It was mid-week and the bar was reasonably quiet, but they had reserved us the best booth. Our waitress looked after us all night and gave good recommendations for cocktails and mains. In fact, one of the cocktails on the menu was one she created – we just had to order it. The Bitter & Lifted (£8.25) and a Slingsby 75 (£8.50) were refreshingly delicious. And you know me, I love a good gin cocktails so I was happy! Perusing the newspaper style menu, there was an impressive choice of pizzas, burgers and other American style plates.

Foundry food

From our booth we could survey the whole bar right the way into the open kitchen to see the pizza oven in action. As a truffle fan, I wanted to try the Wild Mushroom pizza (£10.00) as it was drizzled with truffle oil and Chelsea chose the Bacon & Cheeseburger priced at a very respectable £9.50. Also side my pizza I orders a side salad (£3.00) and I was impressed at its quality. Not just your average green salad but full of colour with radishes and poppy seeds to boot – great for a flat lay photo!

The Foundry Project Eating Out Harrogate Bloggers The Harrogate Girl

Chelsea enjoyed her burger, along with her sweet potato fries – which I have to say were seasoned to perfection. My pizza was nice, but the lack of truffle flavour was somewhat disappointing.

Do I have to share my dessert?

The Foundry Project only do ‘sharing desserts’ so if you’re by yourself then you’re in for a big treat, however Chelsea was there, spoon at the ready so I suppose I had to share with her. We chose the Chocolate Donut Mess, priced £8.50. It was delicious, fluffy white ice cream with creamy hazelnut sauce, honeycomb pieces, topped with a donut. Safe to say I was extremely full.

The Foundry Project Eating Out Harrogate Bloggers The Harrogate Girl

A great place to catch up on gossip

Among Tribe chat, Chelsea and I had a lot to catch up on as she’d just come from a day date with a boy! The atmosphere was just perfect. Chilled out music, loud enough to hear but not so loud I had to practise my lip-reading skills. It is a great eatery for catch up with friends.

Have you eaten at the Foundry Project? Where else do you go for a catch up with friends?

Thank you to The Foundry Project for inviting us to eat in return for a review.

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