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Your image is everything. Yet you’re stuck wondering how to create one that engages an audience and brings you more sales. Capture Your Brand helps you to do exactly that. No need to put big budgets behind a marketing agency or regularly employ a photographer to meet the day to day imaging needs of your business.

With expert photographer, Olivia Brabbs

Photography is an essential part of your business and how you communicate with your audience but you feel frustrated that you can’t get the results you want and feel overwhelmed with all of the technical jargon attached to photography. You’d like to build confidence to start shooting on manual settings and take more creative images.

With The Harrogate Girl (me)

You’re looking to develop your own style of photography and build a carefully curated portfolio on your Instagram profile and blog posts. You are frustrated with social media but don’t have the time to invest in how to use it properly. You don’t know how to curate the content you do have in a way that builds and captures the very essence of your brand.

free social media workshop

This two hour session will identify who your audience is and how to target them with a 12 month social media plan.

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